Sylvia Witting Scholarship Fund

Many people knew Sylvia Witting as a mother, grandmother, cousin, teacher, mentor, student, and friend. She made our world more magical through her generous soul, her positive attitude, and her creative vision. With her passing, we have lost a bright light, but her spirit resides in us and the creations she left behind.

This fund celebrates our mother's artistic legacy and the joy she brought to others, especially the emerging artists she mentored throughout her life. She believed that the arts are transformational for all people, but especially for young people who are learning to see and shape the world. Proceeds will support need-based scholarships for art students at VisArts, ages 5-18, so all can share our mother's passion for creative expression.

We are so grateful for your support of our family and our mother's artistic legacy. For more information about Sylvia's work, please visit her website at

- Michael, Patrick, and Sharon Witting

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